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At the start of their school years, children will be embarking on their lifelong journey into reading and writing. Teaching will revolve around learning through play in a variety of ways; while moving, exploring outdoors or in groups and as students progress from EYFS to Year 1, they will start to follow the National Curriculum and assessments, starting with a phonics assessment in year 1. However, many parents find that starting off school on the wrong foot can result in children falling behind their peers and losing their confidence in the classroom.


These education gaps are then further exacerbated by interrupted learning and school closures. If you are concerned by your child’s progress in reading and writing, our highly-qualified tutors can help!

Our tutors can teach all elements of the National Curriculum for key stage 1 comprising Reception to year 2 (ages 4-7):

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  • Forming upper and lower case letters
  • Joining up letters
  • Using capital letters, full stops and question marks
  • Using commas
  • Writing familiar words





  • Letters of the alphabet
  • Groups of letters
  • Phonic for unfamiliar words
  • Identifying syllables
  • Reading around 150 familiar words
  • Describing characters and plot
  • Reading non-fiction

Speaking & Listening

  • Speaking clearly
  • Listening to others
  • Joining class discussions
  • Joining drama activities





Why our tutors?

Our hand-picked tutors comprise of experienced PGCE and QTS qualified teachers as well as professional academics, who have the subject knowledge and tutoring experience necessary to ensure every child feels confident in the classroom.

By expanding on each students’ individual interests as well as providing an exciting new perspective on the subject, our tutors are able to create lesson plans that will spark a renewed excitement in reading, writing and thinking. This tailored tutoring service is delivered entirely through our online platform, allowing students to enjoy tuition from the comfort of their own home.

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Featured Tutor: Catherine

“Hi there! My name is Catherine and I’m a friendly, supportive, engaging and experienced teacher and tutor with a background in English, Early Maths, Additional Support Needs RE. I’ve worked in the education sector for over 7 years, and I currently specialise in helping students between 5 and 18 to develop their skills in English, early reading and numeracy.”


What have parents been saying?

​“Fantastic tutoring services, a constructive and well rounded approach to learning, would highly recommend!”

How much does it cost?

​From £31.50/hr

What’s included…

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