All you need to know before scheduling a lesson


Why choose online tutoring?

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular all over the world as more and more families look for access to the highest quality tutors without geographical limitations.

Previously, parents were restricted to tutors in their local area and the number and quality of tutors available could vary considerably between different places.

Quality: Nowadays, with high-quality video calling tools and online tutoring programs, families can experience an education with Oxbridge scholars or Harvard graduates, in the comfort of their own home, with no compromise on the quality of interaction

Consistency: lessons do not need to be interrupted if families or tutors travel during the holidays. Regular report updates are email following every lesson

Comfort: the hassle of travelling to and from lessons will disappear and records of all lesson whiteboards can be saved digitally, reducing the need for paper notes. Both students and parents can feel more relaxed in their own home and free from time pressures.


How are our online lessons delivered?

Our lessons are delivered through our Tutorcruncher platform which provides a video conferencing tool in which the tutor and student can view each other ‘face-to-face’, as well as an online, interactive whiteboard integration known as Lessonspace.

Worksheets and other resources can be uploaded onto the whiteboard and both parties can edit and annotate in real time as you would on paper in real life.

These notes can then be saved and referred to, by students, tutors and parents, after the lesson.

What is Tutorcruncher?

Tutorcruncher is our fantastic online platform that handles absolutely everything for our tutors, parents and students.

From scheduling and delivering lessons to creation and payment of invoices, Tutorcruncher does it all!

What equipment do I need?

Just a stable internet connection is required along with a webcam-equipped computer or laptop. Although not a requirement, we do recommend students use a headset with microphone for optimal audio quality.

A tablet or phone can also be used every once in a while, but our online whiteboard is easier to navigate with a keyboard and mouse.

Any internet browser can be used but Google Chrome is recommended as a preferred option.

What happens if the technology doesn’t work?

Occasionally, students and tutors alike may suffer from technical or connection issues – in these situations, we recommend having a Plan B such as having another device ready (for example, a mobile phone or tablet if your computer crashes) as well as the option to switch to 4G if Wi-Fi isn’t working.

We counsel our tutors to be as accommodating as possible in making up the time or rearranging entirely if the issues are severe.

Furthermore, our staff are always available to contact by phone or email, if you have any technical questions.

Is your online platform hard to use?

Our tutors have lots of experience with online teaching and we find that students generally become completely comfortable navigating our online platform within the first 2 or 3 lessons.

Students have often already interacted with something similar with any remote school teaching during COVID-19.


What qualifications do tutors have?

We pride ourselves in the high level of qualifications our tutors hold and their diversity of backgrounds.

All our tutors hold a Bachelor’s degree as a minimum and most also hold a Master’s, PhD or PGCE teaching qualification. What’s more, half of all our students are Oxbridge graduates.

Whether you are looking for a professional doctor, an industry chemist, a university mathematician or a specialist teacher, we have a tutor to suit your academic needs and learning style.

How do I know that a tutor will be the right fit for me?

We personally interview and assess every single tutor to ascertain not only their qualifications and experience, but also to understand their personalities and teaching styles.

This allows us to personally match every student with the tutor that we believe will be the best fit.

We ask our clients to provide us with as much information as possible in regards to their children’s personalities, educational attainment, extra-curricular passions (and dislikes!) to ensure an optimal student-tutor match.

How does our tutoring differing from teaching in school?

Our tutoring provides the valuable opportunity for an entirely bespoke 1:1 approach to teaching for each of our students. In schools, large classes are led by teachers who do all of the talking to convey lots of information.

However at WMA, lessons are led by our students, prompted only by short and simple questions by our tutors in order to make the student think and reach understanding with as little help as possible.

Our tutors are skilled at listening, building self-confidence, cultivating motivation and engaging students using a variety of different mediums and activities to keep lessons fun!

How do I apply to be a tutor?

If you are interested in tutoring for us, please email us on info [at] wemakeacademics.com with a CV and cover letter and we will be in touch to arrange an interview.


How long is a lesson?

Generally, most of our lessons last 1 hour as this is the optimal amount of time for a tutor to cover a good amount of ground whilst ensuring a student doesn’t fatigue or lose engagement.

However, for younger students from 4-6 years of age we can provide 30 – 45 min lessons and for older A-level or university students we can also provide 1.5 hour lessons.

We would also advise a lesson frequency of once per week per subject, with a small but effective amount of homework in the interim.

Every situation is unique and we will discuss your student’s needs to ensure an appropriate length of time and frequency for each lesson.

What subjects do you offer?

Our thorough recruitment process means that we have tutors that can deliver almost any subject you can think of!

We offer lessons in all the national curriculum subjects from primary school up to A-Level including maths, English, science, geography, history, spanish, french etc. across all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR etc.) as well as extra-curricular topics such as politics, philosophy, Latin, Greek, economics, Mandarin, programming, engineering etc.

Our tutors are also experienced in preparing students for admissions tests such as the 11+, 13+, BMAT, UKCAT, MCAT, STEP and many more.

We can cater for a variety of different academic goals ranging from intensive preparation for an upcoming exam, providing extra support in challenging areas or stretching a curious child beyond the curriculum to reach their full potential.

Following a consultation, we will structure a bespoke programme tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Are all lessons 1:1?

Most of our lessons are 1:1 to maximise the benefits of a dedicated, private tutor – however we are happy to discuss arrangements for lessons in groups of 2 or 3 between classmates at a reduced per person rate.

Furthermore, we have some exciting group Book Clubs and ‘Coding for Kids’ classes in the pipeline – sign up to our newsletter to find out when these are available!

How will I keep up to date with my child’s progress?

Tutors will write a feedback report after every single lesson via Tutorcruncher which will be automatically emailed to you and can also be viewed at any time on your Tutorcruncher account.

This will include information on the topics that are being covered, your child’s progress, any challenges that are being faced and the next steps.

Is my child too young?

We have found that children as young as 4 have found our online tutoring to be a fun and enriching experience, and we have dedicated primary school teachers who are specially equipped to deal with the different educational needs for children from Reception to Year 2.

At this stage, the only difference we have found is that they will need a little more support from an adult in the room with them whilst lessons take place.

If something comes up, can I rearrange or cancel?


After deciding upon a weekly slot, our tutors are very accommodating if a holiday or appointment later comes up – we kindly ask that you advise us at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson so that we can rearrange this for you.

How can I find out about offers and free trials?

By signing up to our monthly newsletter here you can be the first to hear about all of our latest offers, classes and free trials!


How much do lessons cost?

Our prices for 1:1 lessons start from £32/hr and vary with level and subject.

We also offer a fantastic 10% discount for advance block bookings of 8 hours or more (equivalent to 2 months of weekly lessons) bringing this starting rate down to £28.80/hr.

How can I pay for lessons?

We accept payments from debit or credit cards via Stripe (our integrated card payment system) and can provide invoices following every lesson or take a credit request in advance for a block of lessons (which comes with a 10% discount!).

You can also add a card to your Tutorcruncher account, to allow for auto-charging following the completion of every lesson so that you do not need to continuously process a manual payment with each lesson.