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We help tackle GCSEs.

As the first real exams that students are faced with during their education, GCSEs can be an intimidating undertaking and not everybody manages to immediately set off on the right foot.

Focussing on the wrong topics, leaving past papers to the last minute or struggling to structure a revision timetable can lead to increasing panic as the exam dates loom closer with each passing day. Our tutors aim to turn this journey into a positive experience by equipping students with the skills to take ownership of their learning and succeed in their GCSE exams and beyond. Key data has shown the following can be achieved with extra tutoring:

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Improved Sleep
Higher Grades
Better Chances

Improved sleep

86% of students suffer sleepless nights due to GCSE stress

Higher Grades

Only 20% of GCSE entrants scored a grade A/7 or above in 2019

Better Chances

Achieving higher grades at GCSE level increases your chances of university admission

Our bespoke tutoring service tailors each lesson by utilising the best teaching tools for each individual student’s goals and unique learning styles. Tutors can assist by identifying and strengthening areas of weaknesses and consolidating the learning received at school so that students can feel confident in their understanding.

They can also equip students with the necessary revision skills to tackle any exam; by breaking down the syllabus into manageable chunks, structuring personalised revision plans and teaching various revision techniques such as flashcards or past papers. This is achieved through our online platform, allowing students to enjoy their tuition from the comfort of their own home.

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Whether you need help tackling history or understanding science, our host of highly qualified tutors comprising of medical doctors, professional chemists and university historians amongst others, are hand-picked to ensure they meet our high standards and can help our students flourish.

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