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We believe in breadth as well as depth

Our thorough recruitment process means that we have tutors that can deliver almost any subject you can think of! We believe that every student deserves a broad and holistic understanding of the world and so we’ve made sure that our tutors can provide this breadth in education.


We can cater for a variety of different academic goals ranging from intensive preparation for an upcoming exam, providing extra support in challenging areas or stretching a curious child beyond the curriculum to reach their full potential. Following a consultation, we will structure a bespoke programme tailored to your specific goals and needs.

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National Curriculm


We offer lessons in all of the core national curriculum subjects from primary school up to GCSEs and A-Level. Our tutors are rigorously trained across all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR etc.) to ensure that your student receives the teaching relevant to their school-teaching.


Alexander the Great was once accidentally buried alive!


Africa is the only continent that exists in all four hemispheres.


Your short-term memory is capable of holding approx. 7 items for 20-30 seconds.

Unlike in a group class, one-to-one tutoring allows children to have the space to build their confidence and self-belief at their own pace. At WMA, we aim to personally match each student with a specialist tutor most suited to their needs, personality and learning styles.

Through our rigorous training and interview scoring process, we discover which teachers are most suitable for each student, to ensure a bespoke experience in every lesson. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to teaching and online tutoring!


We are proud to have a diverse range of native Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and German speakers amongst our tutors, who can offer an unparalleled insight into the learning of foreign languages, enriched by an education in the country’s culture and history.

Our tutors are even able to teach ancient languages including Latin and Greek as well as classical studies.

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We also aim to stir our students’ innate curiosity of the world through structured exploration of off-the-curriculum topics including politics, statistics, law, religious studies, economics, sociology, medicine, theology, engineering, art, business studies, food & nutrition, drama, English as a foreign language, media studies, dance and many more!


On Mercury a day lasts twice as long as a year.


“Philo-” means love, and “-sophia” means wisdom, so “philosophy” really means “the love of wisdom.”


There currently exist over 700 programming languages!

    Our hand-selected tutors go above and beyond just helping you navigate exams – using dynamic teaching styles and tailored lesson plans, they aim to inspire students to embark on their own journey of exploration. This is all achieved through our specialised online platform that brings positive learning experiences to the comfort of your home and on a schedule that is most convenient for you!

    At WMA, we aim to match specialist teachers with children we think will benefit from their specific teaching style. We don’t believe that qualifications are enough to be a great teacher. Some tutors have more experience teaching older children and some are more experienced and more suited to teaching younger children.

    Through our rigorous training and interview scoring process, we discover which teachers are most suitable for each child. There should certainly not be a “one size fits all” approach to teaching and online tutoring!

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    Meet Chiara

    Chiara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Oxford University and has over 400 hours worth of teaching experience across a broad range of subjects.

    She is especially experienced in tutoring for the 11+ and has helped students from all over the world gain places at some of the most prestigious British secondary schools.

    She loves finding new ways to keep her lessons exciting through videos, games, art, challenges and so much more!

    Chiara has a unique method of teaching for students of different levels. She always encourages and motivates my daughter to ignite passion in her studies and both challenges and supports her.

    She is an excellent teacher and we hope to continue with her for the coming years!

    Diana, Parent of Riya, a We Make Academics student

    Whether you need some help with primary school science, preparing for a GCSE biology, physics or chemistry exam, A-Levels or even BMAT university applications, our host of highly qualified tutors can help.

    Comprising of qualified doctors, professional chemists and university physicists, each tutor is hand-picked to ensure they meet our high standards.

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    What does science tutoring at We Make Academics include?

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    If you’re looking to spark your child’s excitement in science, why not book a trial lesson with us today.