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From years 7 to 9, schoolchildren start to develop a deeper understanding of a range of scientific ideas in biology, chemistry and physics as well as becoming aware of the connections between the three disciplines. As well as relating detailed scientific explanations to the world around them, they also start to use modelling and abstract ideas to articulate explanations.

These fundamental years lay the foundation for the start of their GCSE study but insecurities or superficial understanding will hinder their progress in years 10 and 11. Our tutors can teach all elements of the National Curriculum for key stage 3 comprising years 7 – 9 (ages 11-14) ensuring students are ready for their GCSE exams:

Our tutors can teach all elements of the National Curriculum for key stage 2 comprising years 3 – 6 (ages 11-14):

Year 7 (ages 11-12)



    • Cells, tissues & organisms
    • Reproduction in animals
    • Muscles & bones
    • Ecosystems



    • Chemical reactions
    • Acids & alkalis
    • The particle model
    • Atoms, elements & molecules


    • Energy
    • Current electricity
    • Forces
    • Sound

Year 8 (ages 12-13)




    • Food & nutrition
    • Plant reproduction
    • Breathing & respiration
    • Unicellular organisms


      • Combustion
      • The periodic table
      • Metals & their uses
      • Rocks


    • Fluids
    • Light
    • Energy transfers
    • Earth & space

Year 9 (ages 13-14)



  • Genetics & evolution
  • Plant growth


  • Making materials
  • Reactivity


  • Forces & motion
  • Force fields & electromagnets

At WMA, we aim to match specialist teachers with children we think will benefit from their specific teaching style. We don’t believe that qualifications are enough to be a great teacher. Some tutors have more experience teaching older children and some are more experienced and more suited to teaching younger children.

Through our rigorous training and interview scoring process, we discover which teachers are most suitable for each child. There should certainly not be a “one size fits all” approach to teaching and online tutoring!


Meet Celine

Celine is a final year medical student at St. John’s college Oxford, with considerable teaching and admissions coaching experience, having tutored since she was an A-level student herself!

Celine is excellent at engaging with younger students and breaking down complex scientific concepts into easy to understand ideas, in a fun and interactive way! One-to-one tutoring in science at key stage 3 encourages pupils to recognise the power of empirical explanations at their own pace and our tutors can develop a sense of excitement about the natural world that students may struggle to find in the classroom.


Our specialised tutors comprise of medical doctors, industry chemists and physics post-graduates and have the subject knowledge and tutoring experience necessary to make sure your 11 to 14 year olds are developing a deep understanding of the sciences and building the strongest of foundations, before embarking on their GCSE years.


Pricing: From £32.40/hr

If you’re looking to spark your child’s excitement in science and ensure that they are GCSE-ready, why not book a trial lesson with us today?


I wanted to say that Jess has been incredible! Riya has already jumped 2 grades in her Chemistry. Jess has taught Riya in a few weeks what she has been unable to grasp in a year at school. Very lucky to have found her. We are very happy with the service. Thank you.”

Name, Parent of Riya, a We Make Academics student

What does science tutoring at We Make Academics include?

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If you’re looking to spark your child’s excitement in science, why not book a trial lesson with us today.